Books written by Mahatma Phule

Trutiya Ratna (drama)(1855):

This drama is considered as the first modern, social and independent play in Marathi, ’knowledge’ is considered as the third jewel in Indian tradition. In this sense, the title is appropriate. This drama depicts how ‘Bhats’ (Brahmins) exploit ignorant shudras.On the other hand, this drama deposits a Christian preacher shows the exploited shudras, the way of truth. This drama effectively depicts the importance of education by illustrating how the masses are cheated because of their ignorance.

Ballad: Chhatrapati Shivajiraje Bhonsale Yancha Powada (1869):

In this exhaustive ballad, a review was taken of the works and an achievement of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.It is in eight parts. It is presented in simple way so that ordinary people can understand it. It is considered the first work of merit in Marathi poetry/ Literature in poem form.

Powada: Vidyakhathatil Bramhan Pantoji.(1869)
Brahmnanche Kasab(1869):

The exploitation of ignorant and poor Shurdas by ‘bhats’ (Brahmins) has been presented in poetic form.


Mythical stories have been critically analyzed. The fight between Aryas and the original ‘kshetrapatis’ has been effectively described. For the first time, it has been presented that;” Indian history is the history of the fight between Brahmins and Non-Brahmins”.

Shetkaryacha Asood(1883):

Jyotirao had studied the poor condition of the shudras and Atee-Shudras from several indigenous and foreign in book. He has presented all those ideas together it in this book. Some important evaluation regarding Agriculture has been presented in this book. Jyotirao read chapters from this book in public. This book was also read in front of Maharaj Sayajirao Gaikwad of Baroda. Jotirao sent manuscript of the book, to the Viceroy too.


Jyotirao had published ‘Satsaar’ (journal) in two parts, and the following subjects have been presented; Brahma Samaj; Prarthana Samaj; Social Status of infants born of persons from different castes; Ideology of the Aryabhattas; In the second part, Jyotirao has severally condemned the people who used to criticize the women for adopting the new ways.


Jyotirao has specified that the caste imbalance is the obstacle in the development of the nation. Jyotirao warned that, false opinions can misguide the common people ultimately this would harm the Nation. Jyotirao has indicated that, the statement, ”the condition of the farmers is better “is false.

Sarvajaneek Satyadharma Pustak(1891):

This is the last book by Jyotirao. It was published posthumously in the year 1891. Jyotirao completed the writing of this book with his left hand, as his right hand was paralysed. The great thoughts of Manav Dharma’(Humanitarian Religion) have been presented for the common people. ‘Manav Dharma’ advocates The abandoning of rigid and outdated religious orthodoxy, Accepting ethical thoughts based on equality, fraternity, humanity. Jyotirao believed that this would help in the construction of a new society. This book includes a description of simple rites which lead to happiness. Akhandadi Kavyarachana or continuous poetic creations: They include certain socially truthful, noble principles- Enlightenment. Fight against religious orthodoxy. Importance of some great persons. Teachings of the ‘Shudras and Atee Shudras’ Such noble thoughts are presented in a sweet, simple poetic form.

Pune Satya Shodhak Samaj Report(1877)
Request letter regarding Famine(1877)
Memorial Addressed to The HunterEducation commission(1882)
Letter to Marathi Granthkar Sabha.(1885)
Gramjoshya sambhandi jahir kabhar.(1886)
Letter to Mama Parmanand(1886).
Sataya Shodhak Samaj-sarva puja vidhi.
Letters of Mahatma Phule
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